THE TIBET LIBERATION ORGANIZATION seeks sincere people willing to make efforts to support the Tibetan people in their struggle against Chinese occupation and oppression. We aim to create a movement in the Occidental countries, involving people of all ethnicities and walks of life, aiming to help bring attention to the Tibetan cause through Non-Violent Direct Action.

The Tibetan Issue is one of the most pressing human rights concerns of the present time. While the Palestinian cause is widely supported in the Occident, the Tibetan people's struggle is not on the news agenda and tends to be ignored. Without pronouncing ourselves in favor of Israeli policy in Palestine, nor of any kind of violent so-called "resistance" by Palestinians, it is nonetheless clear that the suffering inflicted on the Tibetan people by the Chinese occupation government is in many respects equally bad or worse than that experienced by the people of Palestine.

Tibet is being used as an experiment in surveillance and in the creation of an 'omniscient' police state. There are huge numbers of political prisoners in Tibet, often imprisoned for things like simply possessing a photo of the Dalai Lama. Torture is widespread, within a judicial system with no real rights for the accused.

Han Chinese are being transferred into the territory in order to make the Tibetans a minority in their own land. Tibet's natural beauty and pristine environment is being desecrated by resource extraction and hydroelectric projects, the land is being polluted and sites which are sacred to the Tibetan people destroyed. Nomads who lived for generations in harmony with the land are being forcibly resettled in cities under the guise of 'modernization', by a Chinese government which has nothing of the Tibetans' traditional respect for nature.

Tibet is the largest source of fresh water after the two poles, rivers flowing from the Tibetan plateau are essential water resources for many Asian countries. The Chinese want to be able to control the water supply to their rival India, to be able to "switch off the tap". This is the weaponization of water, it is unacceptable and criminal to attempt to use thirst as a weapon as it will primarily affect the civilian populations of the targeted countries, who should not be used as pawns in geopolitical games.

Beyond the Tibetan question, but closely related with it, we see that China's influence in the world is growing. Through combining the Capitalist form of economy with Communist repression of dissent and authoritarianism, China is becoming a major global economic power, and it's sphere of influence will continue to expand. This influence must be checked if we are not to eventually lose the last of the freedoms we still enjoy in liberal countries, and a crucial part of this battle is to stand up for the rights of Tibetans and try to make our governments do the same.

Everyone with time and efforts to contribute to the Tibet Liberation Organization are encouraged to make contact via this site. Together we can put pressure on China and make the voice of the Tibetans be heard.

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